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Buying a set of wheels for your classic sport car is a big deal, a choice you will live with for awhile. I only offer the best quality wheels for our cars, because people will long remember quality that stands the test of time, over a cheap price. I work directly with VTO in the development of the VTO wheel line, making sure we had the styles, sizes you all wanted, and the proper offsets that work well with our cars. I have been in involved in the wheel industry for over 30 years.  If you have unique fitment that requires some figuring out, as for back space/offset, width for a modified street, or race car, then I'm the guy you are looking for to make sure we get the right wheels for your car. Just know when you call me, I know wheel, and tire tech, and will be able to help you with your questions.     


VTO wheels come in three retro styles, Classic 8, Retro 4, and Lemans


VTO 15x6 for MGA, MGB, TR3/4/5/6, Spitfires, TR7/8, Jensen Healey, Volvo, Classic Datsun, and many more  174.00-178.00 each available in Classic 8, Retro 4, Silverstone and Lemans

VTO 14x5.5 for MGB, Spridget, Morris, Spitfire, GT6, TR7/8 and more 158.00-163.00 each

available in Classic 8 and Retro 4    


VTO 14x6 made specific for MGB vintage race cars 166.00 each in Classic 8 silver

VTO 13x5.5 for Spridget, Spitfire, and many more 154.00 each

VTO Classic 8 16x7 0 offset for Triumph TR7 and Datsun 240Z

185.00 each

13x 6 VTO Classic 8 silver for SCCA Spridget, Spitfire, etc. 154.00 each


Many other size and fitments available for your classic sport car, custom drilling also available on some wheel for unique fitments, call for more details.  

Center caps, valve stems and lug nuts included with all wheels.  

Choice of tall, or short center caps (some cars will only work with tall center caps, for example, a MGB) 



VTO Classic 8 in silver

VTO Classic 8 in black


VTO Retro 4


VTO Lemans






NEW - VTO Silverstone 

15x6 +24mm and +3mm offsets

  I have over 1,000 satisfied wheel customers, here are a few of their      cars.










































MG and Triumph

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