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Acme Engine rebuilding Kits

Here at Acme Speed Shop, my main job is rebuilding street performance, and race MG engines, so I wanted to help DIYers with the entire process of engine rebuilding, and started offering Acme engine rebuild kits in 2007. I have helped many customers pick engine rebuild parts customized to their wants, and desires, but it's way more than just a parts sale, it's as much of a service as it is just a parts sale. If this interest you, then I suggest you call me before the disassembly of the engine, so I can tell you how to check a few things during that stage, that will help you later, and give you engine tech documents I've wrote about engine disassembly to accompany with your shop manual, also machine shop list, that helps you know what to take to machine shop, so you can interface with the machine shop, and determine what bores sizes and crank bearing sizes will be used, then we can order the parts. I'm also available to you thru the entire engine rebuild process via phone, text, and email, I even make myself available to you during most weekends if you need me. I source the parts from well known, and respected vendors at the same prices and shipping you would pay if searching for a deal yourself. What I found is there is no such thing as one stop shopping, I often use as many as 4-5 vendors thru the process. As I rebuild these engines every day, I know what works and what does not, and my advice is based on everyday experiences in my own shop rebuilding these engines, which is my everyday, full time job, I've built well over 100 MG engines.

So in a nutshell, I help you thru the disassembly stage, thru the machine shop stage, we order parts based on what has worked well for me and my professional rebuilds, and meets your needs, and wants. I help you thru the assembly stage, you pay competitive part prices from well known vendors, and you get me, a experienced professional MG engine builder to help you thru the entire process, and you don't pay one dime more for that. Many of you may only think of me as high end provider, and thats exactly what I build here at my shop, but I do offer more cost effective solutions for people on a tight budget, thru my actual engine rebuilding experience.

I also often times get involved in the prep of certain engine components to go along with these engine rebuild kits, a normal job for me in these kits, often includes me port and polishing your cylinder head, even crankshaft, connecting rods (resisizing, balancing, polishing/lightening) and so on, so I can assist you in component rebuilding on most jobs.

The engine rebuild kits can be anything from stock, to mild, to wild street performacne, to a even a full out race engine. From the the tight budget, to the all-out approach, I've done it all, and can help you with your project

This has became a popular service, I'm doing several of these engine rebuild kits each week now, and love helping you all thru this process, building engines, and enjoying doing that sort of work is what drove me to do this for living and start Acme Speed Shop in 2001, so sharing years of experiences with you brings as much joy to me as it does to you. Anyone interested, call or email me, and I can offer references if needed.

You'll always find my pricing to be very competitive, and the advice, and technical support that comes with the sale to be from real life experience.

I've included pictures of Acme's work. I would like to thank you all in your continued support of Acme Speed Shop. This has always been more of a passion, than just a job, so helping you all enjoy this like I do, is my goal.


Thanks again
Hap Waldrop

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