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DIY Engine Rebuild Kits


So you want to build your own engine, after all the LBC hobby is hands on for many people, but you may have never built a engine, or not built a MG/Triumph engine, you don't know which parts to buy, what machine work to get done, and need someone with experience in this to guide you through the process, and that's exactly what I do.

I get you started with my engine disassembly article, machine shop list, and sequence plan, then as we find out from your local machine shop what cylinder bore size, and crankshaft bearing sizes are needed,  then we can customize a engine rebuilt kit that meets your wants, and needs. Then it doesn't stop after the parts sale, I have other documents, for assembly, camshaft timing, initial start-up etc., and then all the phone and email tech help you need to get the job done, and you pay nothing for the tech assistance. I also sell you the parts at competitive prices, so it doesn't cost more to do business with me, and many cases, I will save you money.  

I started this service, because I saw a need for it, most vendors are not engine builders, so they can't answer the many questions you may have, as for part selection, tech questions, and often times when you do ask them a tech question they cannot answer, they call me, or another builder, so why bother with a vendor that cannot offer you the assistance you need, when I can provide you quality parts at competitive prices, and assist you in your engine rebuild from beginning to end. 

Your DIY engine rebuild kit can be anything you want it to be, stock, street performance of any level, even race. Give me a call, and let's get your new engine started today.  


For tons of engine rebuilding tips, go to this link at the MG Experience forums.,1828263











      MGB Vintage race engine
13.3 to 1, 1.625 roller rocker arms
producing .560" valve lift 

MGC Performance street engine 



MG 1275 Street Performance 10.0 to 1, with 1.5 ratio roller rocker arms, and many more goodies





       MGB Street Performance engine

   built for for high boost supercharger


MG Midget 1275 SCCA limited prep race engine

Phone: 864-370-3000