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Acme Speed Shop Engines

Street Performance Engines 


At Acme Speed Shop, we build the MG/Triumph engines most British car shops shy away from. Pretty much all we do here is build performance street, and race engines. I pretty much worked with all, aftermarket heads, rods, pistons, billet crank, roller rocker arms, forced induction, you name it, I've probably worked with it. I am not really interested in building stock engines, well as long as the enhanced work comes my way :)  I have never been caught up enough to do anything other than customer work, so sorry I have never had pre-build engines for sale, or doubt I ever will.  All our work is blueprint type builds, ands we use the very best parts. Acme Speed Shop is the exact place for that special engine build, for the customer wanting more. If stock isn't good enough for you, then I am your guy.   


Stage 1

This is my entry level engine, and it packs a lot of punch for the money, street ported cylinder head, with new valves, bronze guides, valve springs, hardened exhaust seats, 3 angle valve job.  The lower end has all proper machine shop work done, ARP fasteners, better rings than provided with the off the shelf piston offerings, tri metal bearings, Payen gaskets, new high quality camshaft, and lifters, vernier adjustable cam gear, uprated seals, increased compression ratio, and all the best parts we can obtain to build your new engine.

Pricing: starting at $5500 for 4 cylinders, $6500 for six cylinders


Stage 2

Everything that is included in a stage 1 engine, and from there, anything you, and I can dream up to make your engine even more special. Big bore, aftermarket connecting rods, roller rocker arms, aluminum flywheels, performance clutch, etc., if it exist, chances are I have already worked with it. We can tailor an engine for a specific goal, for example forced induction (supercharger, or turbo), track day, you name it, and I can make it happen for you.

Pricing: Call, and we can discuss what you would like to build, and I will get you estimate.


Race engines

SCCA, Vintage racing, anything from a entry level race engine, to the most exotic parts we can get to make your engine all it can be. 

Pricing on race engine depends on what parts we use, and what level of prep we take it to, call me and I tell you about all the possibilities, or how to get the most out of a tight budget.


Stock engines

Where we would build a stock engine to the highest standards , and may use non stock parts like ARP fasteners for increased reliability. All in all you can build a better stock engine these days than we could 20-30 years ago, due to the higher quality part selection available to us today. You name it today's gasket, pistons, cams lifter, etc. are better today than they were in the period.    

























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